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Wealth Management Services (Fiduciary)

Taking Care of Your Family First as Trusted Advisors

Taking Care of Your Family First as Trusted Advisors

s independent fiduciaries for Toro Bravo Investment Advisors, our legal obligation and duty is to act in your best interests for all financial matters ahead of ourselves. At our Texas state Registered Investment Advisor firm, we don't have Big Wall Street proprietary products. 

We do not have exclusive or proprietary offerings. We focus on collaboratively planning with your family to make a Retirement Income Roadmap that may helps define risks and choices to plan retirement.

We maintain high standards as fiduciaries because of our long-term relationships with most client families, and this is fundamentally built on trust. It is a comfortable choice to deal with down to earth Texans who really know your family’s concerns, needs, and long term goals.

There are ways outside of Big Wall Street firms for protecting your lifetime income and customizing your priorities to and through retirement.**

Call our office today at 8063597766 or email for strategies to guide your family’s financial future today.

**Disclaimer: In this context, safety is provided through insurance and annuity products offered by insurance companies and based on the full faith and credit of the underlying insurer and its claims paying ability. These are not FDIC insured, or guaranteed by any government agency. Insurance and Annuities are not fiduciary products. Life Insurance and Annuities are not sold as a fiduciary and are offered by the advisor as an Insurance Agent. 

Despite being protected from market risk, some policies lose cash value over time, leaving the investor with only the income guaranteed by the Insurance Company. Review the company issued illustration, costs, and the benefit terms carefully and it’s credit ratings before investing.

Life Insurance Policies permit access to principal and interest through tax-free loans. Strict IRS rules must be followed or you could owe income taxes on these distributions. Consult your agent/advisor on how properly structure these complex plans to meet your goals.