Amarillo Office

3418 Olsen Boulevard,

Suite A
Amarillo, TX 79109

Notable people shown are: Kevin O'leary (Shark Tank), Robert Herjavec (Shark Tank), Michio Kaku (Nobel Prize Physicist) Henry Winkler, Vince Papale, James Olsen, Zach Ipour, Amarillo Police Assistant Chief Jimmy Johnson and Master Chief, William Smith, Ret. In addition to the family and staff of TBIA: Haleigh Caldwell, Kelley Grayless, Mubashir Subhani and Brian Keith Moon. 

With Brian in the blue tie on the top left photo above, you see him talking to a theoretical quantum physicist. 

We promise to try and help define your goals and communicate your investments in a straight forward, plain English way. Your money shouldn't be that hard to understand!

Our Texan Values and Mission

Toro Bravo Investment Advisors, LLC is a State of Texas Registered Investment Advisor. The founders are Mubashir Subhani, RICP and Brian Keith Moon, RSSA. The goal was to create a place to serve their clients’ interests without the influence of Big Wall Street business quotas, conflicted business objectives, and proprietary products. 

As Independent Wealth Managers, we follow the discipline of guiding clients through Retirement and Social Security Planning. Because advice is based solely on our client’s individual best interest, it is important to have all the tools to manage our clients’ wealth.  

As a fiduciary, Toro Bravo Investment Advisors, LLC will use our clients’ family situation, financial profile, risk profile, and long-term objectives to make prudent investment decisions for retirement and investment accounts. We do not embrace the strictly fee only business model because this eliminates financial tools that could be used to improve our clients’ individual plan. 

When it supports lifetime income strategies, investment opportunity, or wealth preservation, Annuities, Life Insurance, or other investments will be used but as a non-fiduciary, non-captive, and as Independent Agents/Brokers through our non-affiliated Broker/Dealer relationship with Crown Capital Securities, L.P. All conflicts will be clearly disclosed, and our clients’ best interest pursued.  

This multi-registration (fiduciary and non-fiduciary) approach permits us to use all the investment tools in serving our clients’ best interests. That is to tailor investments and investment products to our client’s individual needs and objectives. Our Investment Policy Statement document and (if executed) a Retirement Plan creates clarity of purpose, a goal of planned risk reduction, and direction. 

Our goal is to be qualified wealth managers, trusted advisors, and good stewards of our clients’ precious invested funds by serving the investment community with honor and distinction.  

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**Disclaimer: In this context, safety is provided through insurance and annuity products offered by insurance companies and based on the full faith and credit of the underlying insurer and its claims paying ability. These are not FDIC insured, or guaranteed by any government agency. Insurance and Annuities are not fiduciary products. Life Insurance and Annuities are not sold as a fiduciary and are offered by the advisor as an Insurance Agent.

Despite being protected from market risk, some policies lose cash value over time, leaving the investor with only the income guaranteed by the Insurance Company. Review the company issued illustration, costs, and the benefit terms carefully and it’s credit ratings before investing.