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Brian, RSSA goes to bat for a client fighting the social security administration to recuperate over $20,000 in Benefits!

Carolyn Curry talks about how the IRS and Social Security have different tax rules, but Brian was able to fight for her rights to regain over $20,000 in previously lost benefits. 

Client Gains Back $20,000 in Lost Social Security Benefits with an RSSA

Tech Bro Bankers Gone Wild - The Irresponsible Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank

Join us with WTAMU Professor Dr. Pjesky on what went wrong for one of the biggest banks in the country to go bankrupt due to the interest rate rise. What can you be doing to protect yourself in these volatile times?

Silicon Valley Bank Collapse with Dr. Rex Pjesky

Socialism Sucks! With Dr. Benjamin Powell

Ever hear misled people talking about how great Socialism is? Think sweatshops and child labor are the worst things on the planet? Join Texas Tech Free Market Institute Professor Dr. Benjamin Powell to hear about why that's COMPLETELY WRONG! You'll be sure to have a laugh and learn a bit about the crazy state of the economy. 

Socialism Sucks! With Dr. Benjamin Powell

Martha Shedden - President of the Registered Social Security Analysts, Why You'll Make the Wrong Claiming Decision following the 20,000 pages in the government pOMS instruction books

Hear one of the biggest names in Social Security strategies talk with Brian Moon about why over 95% of American households lose more than $111,000 in wasted/lost Social Security benefits, and how it's almost physically impossible to accurately calculate your Social Security without the right calculators, tools, and experts. 

Shedden, President of the RSSA and Optimizing Your Future Social Security Claiming Benefits

The Student Loan Forgiveness Scam and Earning More Steady Income in Retirement

Join us with Dr. Pjesky as we talk about how the Student Loan Forgiveness legislation by the Biden administration doesn't even help the people in financial need, but throws money at the rich elite to take advantage of instead. Also, as technology companies finally fall after people drunkenly rode the market to highs, many pre-retirees are suddenly realizing they have a huge gap in the amount of income they want compared to what their portfolio is generating. Is it time to reevaluate if your values and goals are aligned with how your portfolio is currently invested, or do you know if you're taking on too much market risk? Join us to learn more about strategies to protect your retirement future. 

The Student Loan Scam and the Need to Generate Consistent Income in Retirement

Dr. Gerlich on Marketing and Signage

Join us for an entertaining episode about marketing for small businesses, signage, and the Route 66 expert, Dr. Gerlich! 

Dr. Gerlich Small Business Marketing and Signage Show

Free Speech, Musk Twitter Purchase, and Cutting the Losers' Jobs in Tech Companies Across the Board

Voltaire said that he may disagree with you to the extent that he wants to kill you, but will fight to the death for your right to say it! That's the freedom of speech we're accustomed to, but Big Tech companies have been censoring people and Elon Musk decided he had enough. He bought Twitter at market highs and chopped over 80% of the jobs, but the stock is still down as technology and media companies face uncertainty in a recession.

Join us to hear about the bloodbath of job losses in the technology sector and why that could have a domino effect of crashing the economy as people buy less. 

Free Speech and Musk Twitter Acquisition

COVID, CHIPS Act, Chinese War? Dr. Pjesky Commentary

The world is changing so quickly with China emerging as a serious threat to the United States militarily, but oddly enough, we're still dependent on them. With so many Chinese made goods, what happens if they stop providing us the center of many people's social lives, electronics? What happens to markets with war? Join us with Dr. Pjesky to explore this and more!

Chinese COVID, War, CHIPS Act, and Supply Chain Crunches

Special Show Live from the Phillipines

Join Brian as he talks about how the major differences between living in the United States of America and the economy of Phillipines where his wife Nery is from! 

Special Phillipines Live Show with Brian Moon

Phillipines, Cryptocurrency, What's a BlockChain, and Will the Government Make Digital Money The Standard?

Who remembers buying gumballs with quarters at the machine? All that may soon go away with digital currency everywhere, and the Federal Reserve wants to issue their own cryptocurrency. With so many scams and misinformation out there, once and for all, what are cryptocurrencies and what's the blockchain? 

Phillipines and Cryptocurrency, Federal Reserve Digital Currencies?

My Advisor Loves Me, Loves Me Not. What is a Fiduciary, and who is a real one? - Certified Financial Fiduciaries

You all hear the stories of greedy advisors who don't look out for their clients best interests first. That's why at Toro Bravo Investment Advisors, LLC, we have a planning process that puts your investment objectives and goals first. What kind of licensing or registrations should your advisor have before you can trust them? See more about aligning with people who share your values to aim for your retirement dreams. 

The ESG Farce and Who is a Real Fiduciary

The Rich History of Route 66 with Subject expert Dr. Gerlich

From the movie Cars portraying Route 66 to the nostalgic memories people have of old school 1950s diners on the road, there are few experiences more truly American than heading out on the road and having a great time exploring the country. Join Dr. Gerlich, subject expert and author on Route 66 about the rich history of the highway! 

The Rich History of Route 66 with Dr. Gerlich